Spark. Runetotem. Emerald Nightmare. 7/7 Heroic Clear. 'Nuff said! :)

Mythic content starts now!

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Fresh week and these kills are taking less and less time to complete. After dealing with some global lag, we gathered again this week to clear up to 5/7 with a fresh Elerenthe kill!

The troops are already gathering for a Cenarius kill, and we have plenty of days spare to complete it.

More news soon!

Elerenthe Heroic
Week three continued. Heroic Ursoc dead. That makes 4/7. Happy Guild :)

We also started having a stab at Mythic Nythendra, which was fun. Some MC mechanics to work out, but headway was made. That brings us to the end of this weeks raids, we're looking forward to continued progress next week!

Ursoc Heroic
Spark's new raiding team are making fast headway into the new content. Heading straight into Heroic Emerald Nightmare tonight, both Nythendra and the Dragons of Nightmare went down on the first attempt. Il'Gynoth took a couple more.

The remainder of the evening was spent on Ursoc, with us just breaching his enrage phase. He will be down easily enough next time.

Given our recent success, we're now starting to plan for Mythic Nythendra.

Get in! Steady progress is now being made. Week Two progress has given us the second Heroic kill - the Dragons of Nightmare. Furthermore, excellent attempts on both Il'gynoth and Ursoc have been made with them both soon to fall.

Watch this space for more updates!