Kromog - HC

Near the weapon production facility, we found the area where the armor plates for the dreadnaughts and siege machines are being made. Apparently the Iron Horde has been able to employ a magnaron called Kromog to do the dirty work. We tried to get him to stop his infernal hammering of iron plates, but no reasoning worked.


In the end he became rather upset with us and started trying to hit us with his hammerfists. We had to throw a deathnight and a druid at him to keep him occupied while the rest of us poked him with our daggers and swords until he stopped bothering us.

IronMaidens - HC

In the other end of the Foundry we found a shaft leading down to some water far below. One of our more clumsy gnomes decided to fall down to take a swim. Just before she was killed by guards, she was able to tell us that there was a ship down there and some more people that we could ask what was going on in this place.

Three ladies were having an argument on a platform near the ship, so we went there to join in. As anyone else in this Foundry they faced us right away. They started hitting us and shooting and throwing bombs all over the place. After a lot of avoiding bombs, swinging from hooks, and hitting mobs, the ladies cooled down and handed over their weapons to us.

Iron Maidens.


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