Adding to our recent quota of new Mythic Nighthold kills, Trilliax has been laid bare. Krosus is also half dead and should fall soon.

So, it's been a while since I posted on here. Not for a lack of progress thjough. We had Mythic Skorpyron down a while back, but now we have Chronomatic Anomaly down as well! Also 11% left on Trilliax so I expect I'll be sent back here to do another report shortly!

After much progression we have Guild Keystone Master groups up and running. This was a join effort from multiple guild members and finally we have a group of five players who ran as a guild group for a successful Mythic+ 15 run.

Our efforts are now focussed on getting the full guild through successful +15 keys. A great joint effort from the group, as our beloved Guild Leader wasn't in group, we decided to do something special, RAINBOW M FOR MILANNA!!!!!! 

guild web post
Finally we've claimed our prize in the form of Heroic Gul'dan! A glorious kill where everyone really came together. Now straight into Mythic. A few attempts on Skorpyron to get a feel for it. back tomorrow to get the kill.

HC Guldan
Spark adds another two Heroic kills to their roster, with both Tichondrius and Star Augur down.

The Botanist is also on her last 10%. Roll on the next raid!