Begin the debate. Are they useful or are they pants... of the Demonic kind?

Latest kill update. Aluriel & Krosus have gone down with ease. Tichondrious is almost there as well.

Heroic is swiftly coming to a close as we refocus back on Mythics again.

Spaces are available within, apply for further details.

Krosus HC

Aluriel HC
Well, like most Guilds, we've been looking forward to Nighthold for a good while. Prepping like crazy, everyone really chipped in to the team effort to start the first week of many, hitting Nighthold hard.

So, what progress? Easy peasy! Nighthold Normal cleared and Skorpyron down on Heroic. Both Gul'dan & Skorpyron went down on the first go with very little effort, so we're looking forward to the extra challenges in both Heroic & Mythic.

Watch this space for hot Spark new moving forwards!

Guldan Skorp2

9 Combined Border jpg
Right, no messin'! Straight back into The Nighthold on Heroic. Straight away we've claimed the next two kills, both the Chromatic Anomoly and Trilliax.

We're now pushing full ahead to claim the next kills. First Skorpyron, Chromatic Anomoly and Trilliax are already down in Week 2, Spellblade Aluriel is next!

Come join us on Runetotem, there are spaces, apply within.

Trilliax HC
Albeit a lack of images, we currently stand now at 3/3 ToV Heroic.
We're just about to go through a restructure to match what we feel is required to make further headway into progression raids.
More coming soon!!!